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Visually Showcase Hidden Technology For A Global Brand - That Was The Challenge

RFID labelling technology for medical supplies.

RFID labelling technology for medical supplies.

Our customer wanted new imagery produced to adorn the walls of their new HQ in Amsterdam. The images had to showcase the diversity of uses for their RFID products, their technical nature and be easily understood by a broad audience - all this from a product that’s essentially a label, not the most visually engaging object. That was the challenge.

(if you’re not familiar with RFID tags you can read more here)

We were to produce around 20 images that would be printed at huge scale and mounted as artworks in the new headquarters. This meant we would need to shoot everything on the Phase One camera system to get the required quality to print at such a large scale.

We decided that giving the products context with objects,  people would easily recognise and relate to items that need to be tracked. For example, event participants, wearable technology, travel, medical and business assets, as shown in the imagery. We made sure the product was given enough context to make it relatable without losing focus on the technology itself.


RFID labelling for the travel industry

Wearable RFID technology for tracking at events, including sports events

Tracking assets with RFID technology


From a technical aspect, the main challenge was ensuring the quality of the images when printed at such a large scale and for this reason we shot everything in high resolution and lit all images using Profoto lighting.  For the location shoot at Pitsford Reservoir, our model Penny was photographed using the Profoto Octabox on a Profoto B2. (we have added some behind the scenes images so you can see a bit more about what was going on).

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