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Frasershot Studios working with The Galvin Brothers - Food Photography & Portraits

©Frasershot Studios 2016

©Frasershot Studios 2016

As you will have seen from our previous blog posts and portfolios our specialist area of expertise is within the food and drinks sector - We were recently commissioned to work on a food photography assignment with our clients CCS in capturing one of the most renowned chefs in the Food Sector in Chris Galvin within the Galvin brothers restaurant in Baker Street, Bistrot De Luxe.

A stunning French restaurant with a beautiful charm,  Chris and Jeff Galvin, were the first British brothers to gain a Michelin star, they have built a culinary empire based on integrity, care and an abundance of passion.  I would highly recommend visiting any of their establishments. They also have just been awarded a special award by The Craft Guild of Chefs.

 As always with working on site in live restaurants we scheduled to attempt the shoot immediately after lunch service,  Chris Galvin was incredibly helpful in allowing us access to his restaurant and letting us set up both on the pass and in a couple of areas within the dining restaurant itself.  As a photographer shooting these commissions you need to be very well prepped with kit and be as light as possible in terms of bringing equipment into a public place. On this occasion we used both the Phase One IQ3 camera system and a backup of the Canon 1dx with a 50mm lens incase lighting was not an option, always plan for the worst case scenarios.

We were using a couple of Profoto B1500's which are incredibly versatile lights and more importantly completely battery powered which again means no cables or trip hazards when working in these confined spaces. Allowing us to be creative with lighting instead of just available light, often with a backup camera you can get both which is an absolute bonus.  

We captured some portraits of Chris Galvin within the restaurant and also some of the food served in the fantastic authentic Mauviel copper cookwear.


©Frasershot Studios 2016

©Frasershot Studios 2016

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