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Proud to be part of the Wimbledon buzz this year.

What an honour to be shooting for the Caterers at Wimbledon. We were incredibly lucky enough to shoot onsite at this prestigious venue.

Over the past few years Frasershot have been proud to be working closely with Levy Restaurants who work carefully and tirelessly with Wimbledon and other amazing venues to maximise the sales opportunities in providing a range of diverse and exciting food and drink options.

On this occasion we were commissioned to produce recipe cards to support some fantastic dishes developed by the Head Chef at Wimbledon Gary Parsons. These recipes were produced so that tennis goers and fans alike can recreate sumptuous meals at home. They are already on the official Wimbledon website and having tried each and every one we can definitely recommend them!

As well as their hospitality offerings, Frasershot also produced the point of sale imagery for the retails stations and units within the grounds of Wimbledon. This has created some powerful imagery for all attendees to see and to ultimately maximise sales revenue for the club.

We used a mixture of daylight and Profoto lighting along with the trusty Canon 1DX - Jo's favourite go to camera - "A camera that provides quality but is combined with giving flexibility to be creative"

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