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New Creative Work for the Drinks Sector


We have been working hard at Frasershot HQ shooting some very creative imagery for a drinks client which has involved an immense amount of testing, planning and lighting to get the desired effects.  

Creative photography is something we love doing and producing and can often give results which were not intended but actually work better.  Lots of experimentation and a huge amount of trial and error to get the right effects for the client.

On this particular shoot we used glass tanks to create a space in which we could shoot through showing all the effects the liquids would make, all shot at super high speeds using constant lighting.  All imagery was shot on the Phase One iQ3 on the 120mm blue ring lens in order to get incredible quality in all the details.  All images were pre-focused on a certain point within the tank and hopefully the magic happened in the right spot which did not work all the time but pleased to share with you some images that did.

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