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New cashless London restaurant, Vitamojo joins the frasershot client list

on set shooting beautifully styled dishes for this great brand.

on set shooting beautifully styled dishes for this great brand.

New to the Frasershot client list for 2018

New to the Frasershot client list for 2018

Photography Shoot Commission Dec 2017.

In order for us to shoot for this client we had to pull together a really strong team which included our fantastic food stylist we use as much as possible in Kate Wesson and her Assistant Liam Baker - we hired a studio by The Oval in London in order to be as central as possible, at the clients request.  We were to shoot a large range of dishes throughout the few days shooting so there was lots of prep and organisation to make things run smoothly.  The shoot was a great success and the clients were thrilled with the results, please take a look below at some behind the scenes images and some styled finished shots.

We love welcoming new clients to our business,  when we started working with Vitamojo we were all particularly excited as we had seen and read all about their fantastic business model and concept prior to the shoot confirmation.

Vitamojo is a great concept and please read which is extracted from their site in their own words or if you wish to read directly please click here

Vita Mojo enables you to ultra-personalise your food.

Eating is changing. Intolerances have increased dramatically in recent years. We all know someone who has an allergy. We are becoming ever more conscious of how eating habits affects our health. We want less processed and more wholesome foods. And we demand transparency and control.

Today’s food industry has failed us. In an effort to make food more affordable and convenient they have made compromises. Processed and fast foods are too common. Meals are mass-produced, with little care for its nutritional value.

The one-size-fits-all model simply doesn’t cater to our needs.

Technology underpins our vision

Our software is at the heart of everything we do. We want to bring restaurants into the future by making them quicker, more personal and smarter.

Imagine having a personal chef and your own nutritionist in one.

You tell them all of your dietary requirements and goals. What you like and don’t like. Your favourite dish and what you can’t stand. How spicy or savoury you like your meals.

Imagine if they could learn how this changes over time, how your mood affects your food choices and what food is best suited to your genetic makeup. This is where artificial intelligence can have massive impact.

But our vision does not stop there. Alongside our own restaurants, we have just started to lease our software to other operators so that they can transform their operations. Leveraging the power of big data to make better decisions. Increasing automation so that labour can focus less on the repetitive tasks. Reducing costs by reducing waste, all the while creating operational efficiencies that better serve the customer.

In time, we want to make personalised food the norm around the world. We think we are right on the cusp of a food revolution. And it’s all going towards making food personal.

Please get in touch to discuss any new projects you have in the pipeline, we would love to represent your business and brands going forward in 2018.

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