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Food Photography with David Everitt-Matthias of Le Champignon Sauvage

A range of new fine dining crockery designed by David Everitt-Matthias

A range of new fine dining crockery designed by David Everitt-Matthias

When I received the call about working with David obviously we were excited as a company to work with yet another high profile chef. As a passionate food photographer and general foodie it has become my specialism over the last few years. Having worked with the a handful of the best chefs in the country it is becoming a niche of fine dining work that we are working on. We were to shoot a range of dishes designed by David specifically for a range of new crockery that will be coming to the fine dining market very soon.

We were to shoot everything in a morning slot to work around the service of this extremely busy restaurant. We had to have everything planned out perfectly to ensure we could work quickly to get out in time for service.

Technically, we had decided to shoot all dishes using minimal equipment so we went with a daylight shoot and had a small area of the dining room next to a window where we could shoot all the dishes - we had a large diffuser incase the sun was too strong (but was never needed as it rained all day!), some basic reflectors to bounce some more light in when needed and a good tripod for the Phase One.

We shot all the images using Capture Pilot Direct to the iPad Pro given us a good preview for both my client and David to view the imagery as I worked.

I shot on 2 cameras throughout the shoot, the Phase One IQ3 and also on the Canon 1DX so I could get a good range of imagery within the tight timeframe we had to work in. 
You can see my set up below in the restaurant with Phase one and simple daylight setup

All the files we shot were processed in Capture One Pro and shot to the iPad Pro using Capture Pilot for live previewing. We also got some shots of David Everitt-Matthias prepping some of the dishes as well (shown below - which was a pigs trotter! Yum).

 And one of the final images below selected by my Client for print in their publication.

If you are interested in our food photography services then please take a look at how we work or get in touch.