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Carluccio's Launch New Menu for the Festive Season

Imagery for Carluccio's new festive menu

I’m very pleased to be able share with you a recent launch of a new festive menu for our lovely client Carluccio’s.

It’s always a real buzz to see your work in context. To see a shoot planned, produced and then finalised in the form of a website or printed marketing material (images below). We take great pride in the work we produce within the food sector and love what we do. Working for great brands like Carluccio’s, evolving with them and producing stunning food photography that entices customers into the restaurants is the greatest pay-off.

This particular commission was a two day shoot in central London using a mix of daylight and some strobes. Carluccio’s wanted to maximise use of the imagery across a range of formats. Armed with the knowledge that the images could be used in very large format in the future it was paramount that we shot a good sized file for our clients, regardless of the main directive being for web imagery. So we brought out the big guns, shooting all images on the Phase One XF which outputs images that can be used for the very largest display formats.



Imagery in use on the Carluccio's website


We’ve included some behind the scenes imagery from this shoot so you can see a little bit of what went on behind the camera and how we went about achieving the finished imagery.



Shot by Craig Fraser, Frasershot for Carluccio's

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