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Capturing Famous Faces at the Universal Cookery & Food Festival

Michelin Star French Chef Éric Chavot

Frasershot were once again asked to work in conjunction with the Universal Cookery & Food Festival (UCFF) to produce images that captured the inspirational and relaxed atmosphere. This year, we were also commissioned to shoot a series of portraits of the guest speakers from this incredible food event.

I was shooting some incidental images as well as the above to capture some of the ambience of the event as well which you can see in some of the images in this post.

From the behind-the-scenes image of my setup you will notice the surroundings were particularly rough with bad light, lots of distractions and random objects laying around - we were rural! I shot all the portraits with only one Profoto B1 light with a Profoto Octobox to help fade the background to black, isolating the subject so as to be not too distracted by the background.

Setting up a portrait studio in the middle of a food festival was a challenge! However, isolating the subject with the one light enabled this to really work. I have selected a few of the images for you to view in this post. All the files were shot on the 28mm lens on the Phase One XF camera with the IQ3 50 back and all images were processed using Capture One Pro. Then, final tweaks in Adobe Photoshop - we burnt some of the background away to darken any further distractions in the surrounding edges of the image and we de-saturated the images slightly to give a better image. See what you think.


Formula One World Champion (1979) Jody Scheckter

Cooking, tasting, experimenting - incredible BBQ food!

Chef, Bruno Loubet

Chef, Mike Robinson

A shot of the environment everything was shot in


The Universal Cookery & Food Festival (UCFF)

The UCFF was established in 2012 by three passionate chef directors representing the Craft Guild of Chefs – John Feeney, Lee Maycock and Ian Nottage.

Working in partnership with event management company McCullough Moore Ltd, this small team of chefs and established event management company dared to take on the challenge of creating this one-of-a-kind event.

“We give chefs the chance to get out of the kitchen and rub shoulders with farmers, foragers and growers as well as suppliers, industry insiders and, of course, other chefs.”

The team work to ensure that the festival ticks all of the boxes for being full of learning, inspiration and sharing ideas, all in a relaxed rural and outdoor environment (come rain or shine). Oh yeah, there’s usually beer too...

Laverstoke Park Farm was founded in 1996 by Ferrari’s Formula One World Champion, Jody Scheckter. Jody wanted to create a farming environment that would follow nature closely, combining 21st century science, together with environmentally friendly farming methods in order to create the best tasting, healthiest food possible. The farm now leads the way in Biodynamic and Organic Farming methods in the UK.


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