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Car photoshoot for the new BMW i3 electric



A fantastic commission which we were instructed to arrange and facilitate by one of our agency clients in London.  

The shoot was for an advertising campaign in Germany which showed and electric powered vehicle being charged at someones residence with a family loading the car ready for a day at the beach.

We were to arrange the vehicle and have delivered to the studios along with sourcing all the models, prop styling and makeup artists.  We also had to organise the logistics and negotiate the fees for the models and agency for a 2 year buyout on all usage.



As a company we are finding more and more that we are being asked to project manage the larger photoshoots as we have good experience in this field and the qualified personnel to facilitate.  We hired Junction eleven studios in Banbury as the location as they have a facility built for large shoots involving cars and worked well geographically for all the clients and models etc. 

We collected the car the day before the photoshoot from a local supplier and had a professional valet service arranged the morning of the shoot to ensure the car was in mint condition prior to shooting.  We had a casting prior to the shoot and signed off all the models with the client prior.  We also needed to show the car was being loaded ready for the beach so we had arranged all the prop sourcing and models clothing prior which again was all pre signed off by the client.  Makeup artist and hair was all taken care of by one our suppliers that we use for most of our work in this kind of environment called Jo Tromans.

Photographically the challenge on this shoot was to create an image which would be transposed onto another image which has already been purchased by the client which showed a large house with driveway - we were to shoot the car and family in the precise angle and lighting of the image to ensure it looked realistic.  

We have done lots of work like this and the only way to shoot and get it absolutely perfect is to use Capture One Pro overlay facility which enables me to shoot directly into the background image/design layout and we could then send the proofs to Germany to ensure they were happy with the positioning of the vehicle and models before we go about lighting the scene.  If you are not using Capture One Pro for this type of work then you seriously must start, its an incredible piece of software for any pro shooter looking for precise alignment in a particular document or image.

For this shoot we used the Phase One IQ3 as we wanted ultimate quality and the images were to be used on a potentially large scale so needed to have this aspect ratio covered,  using the overlay facility as mentioned above works much better when shooting on the Phase One.

The car we lit using the B1 Profoto strobes with a range of modifiers, mainly lit the cove for the car and then  had to light the models using a parabolic light and some smaller softboxes.

The shoot went fantastically well and we got the result we needed for which we will share in the coming months once the client releases the advertising campaign but in the meantime please take a look at all the behind the scenes images from a productive day with the Frasershot team.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy the BTS images.