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Food Photography with Agnar Sverrisson of Texture, London

CCS Table Art by AGNAR SVERRISSON from Frasershot on Vimeo.

As part of a behind the scenes series we have produced of us in action during our food photography commissions we have finally finished our last one of 2012.

Here at Frasershot we were delighted to be working with such an amazing talked about chef in his London restaurant. This is an insight into this outstanding Icelandic chef formerly of Le Manoir Quat’Saisons, producing dishes which are simply stunning.

We set up this studio the day prior to the shoot to ensure we were all set as we were attempting to have everything finished and shot before service - we did admittedly run over but all worked well and seamlessly. The main shots were for an advertorial piece for our client so we decided early on that the main photography would be shot on the Hasselblad mainly using the 120mm lens which I have fell in love with, the clarity is second to none. This shoot was all about Texture and I wanted the sharpness and colour to jump out of the page. We also discussed keeping the shoot simple, these dishes needed a good quality of light and a simple textured surface to not interfere with the food and crockery.

We set the shoot using Profoto D4 power packs and 3 heads. Main backlight was used with a bare head shooting through a diffuser which works beautifully as I can just tweak the head posistion to light the particular dishes without changing the whole rig. We also had a small softbox to fill the main shadow and create the subtle lighting mix which would enhance the colour and depth with in the food.

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Hope you enjoy this blog post - and look forward to bringing you more in 2013.

one of the finished pics below

©CraigFraser Frasershot Studios Ltd 2012
©CraigFraser Frasershot Studios Ltd 2012

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