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Preview of the Marcus Wareing food shoot

© Craig Fraser 2011
© Craig Fraser 2011

I have managed to process up a few of the images shot earlier in the week as per my last blog post.  As mentioned I photographed on two camera systems and it has given me some real variation on the images.  On this post I am showing an image from the Canon 1dsmk3 shot with the 50mm 1.2lens.  This shot is Langoustine, Black Pudding, Clementine and Leeks.  A gorgeous dish which was personally my favourite of the day.  As you will see the dish had a great structure and the colour variation on the plate, the langoustine against the dark black pudding really lift it and works well on the 50mm shot at approx f1.8 and 1\60th of a second,  using modeling lights from 2 profoto heads. you can see more of our food portfolio on our website. I will be looking at posting more imagery tomorrow using files shot on the hasselblad.

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