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Hasselblad Food Shot with Marcus Wareing

©craigfraser 2011
©craigfraser 2011

On the last blog post I showed an image taken on the canon 1dsmk3 using the 50mm lens using the lens wide open to get a very natural and lifestyle type image.  As mentioned I also shot on the Hasselblad using the 120mm lens which is a great food lens and one which Im using more and more.  I am showing the same shot of the langoustines so you can see the difference, it will be interesting to know which are preferred.  The Hasselblad image above was shot using strobes again 2 profoto heads one soft-box and one grid for separation.

There is an obvious improvement in detail on the Hasselblad which goes without saying! however it does give a completely different feel to the dish.  It's easier to see the whole picture and what is on the plate where as the canon on the 50mm lens using modelling lights is a much more creative image giving a much softer feel to the shot.

The image if ever to be used on a large scale will be represented much better by the hasselblad and I'd worry how the canon shot on such a wide aperture would hold out being blown up to a large format print or POS.

There is a mix of both canon and hasselblad used on our portfolio and I tend to look at the brief and style of the shoot required before choosing which to go for.

All the images are colour balanced on site using the colour checker passport which is fantastic bit of kit usually geared towards portraiture but I find it extremely useful to have with me especially when clients are viewing your images on site, you need to ensure they are looking there best.

Be good to here feedback on this post and the last one.

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