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Food Photography with Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley Hotel

We have just completed a commission with world re-nowned chef Marcus Wareing shooting his menu at the flagship Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge.  We were to do the photography approx 15 dishes during a live service and were given the chefs table which is an awesome table in a recess which looks onto the kitchen itself so you can see all the theatre of the kitchen and hear and see how this fantastic cuisine is put together.  The down side for me was that I was in quite a tight space and could not really leave this area as the pass was right next to me, this aside it was a fantastic place to be and once set up and in position it was fantastic shoot to be on.  We used the profoto D4 which I ran power from a near by coffee point and securely gaffer taped down to avoid the waiting staff tripping (very important). I ran a basic rig of two lights, one softbox 3x3 and a kicker light with a grid to get some seperation. I used two camera's for this shoot to get 2 very different styles as this was a very tight deadline and could not afford to have to re-shoot.  A more commercial looking shot all done on the Hasselblad H3D31 with a 120mm lens, and a canon 1dsmk3 with a 50mm lens 1.2 which I used with just the modelling lights on proportional to give a completely natural looking shot compared to the Hasselblad.

We got everything shot within the time frame, working with a chef like Marcus Wareing it makes food photography a lot easier in some respects, it was so elegantly and perfectly presented that all I had to worry about was viewpoint and lighting.  An excellent commission and I personally had 15 dishes of his new menu to eat! it was exceptional however I need to get to the gym!!!

Pictures from this shoot I will post tomorrow.

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