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Product photography - specialist drinks photography

We have been working hard on a recent commission of product photography at Frasershot Studios to capture drinks bottles for a client. The client wanted something different to the normal pack-shot on white background.   A tricky shoot but we love a challenge here.  Its a specialist field and wanted to share one of the finished shots with you.  The images are shot using upto six lights with reflectors and masks to enhance certain features.  On this particular image the file has been captured in one image and no comping work had been done.  basic retouching has been done to the glass and label which is standard for product photography. We have shot the image on the Hasselblad H3d31 to give us ultimate quality as the finished work for POS could be displayed in large format. Lighting all created using profoto light shaping tools.

If you need any product photography commissioning please contact us here at Frasershot Studios 


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