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Product Photography at Frasershot Studios


Product photography is an area that Frasershot have recently been pushing for, giving us the chance to work with some big global brands, producing high end imagery for usage such as brochures, catalogues, web and large format point of sale.

Most jobs start with the arrival of a detailed brief a couple of days prior to the shoot, giving us the time to source appropriate props, backdrops and stylists if needed. On the day of the shoot, clients can watch their product photography in progress on the live shoot preview screen in the client area, giving them as much or as little input as they feel necessary. This set up of interaction results in the end imagery meeting the brief set out to achieve.

Digital retouching is a key part to product photography, adding those finishing touches resulting in clean, sharp images, all completed in house by the Frasershot team.

Some of our recently completed commissioned work has been added to the online product portfolio, which you can view by clicking here.

If you are looking in to having your product photographed, then please get in touch and discuss your ideas with Frasershot here.

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