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New Zealand Wine Brand Cloudy Bay Commission

Wine brand Cloudy Bay commissioned Craig Fraser to shoot there latest promotion pushing the white wine brand and mussel sales in the UK.  We were to shoot the setup in Ipswich believe it or not and were forecast to have fairly average weather so Id be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous! We had been given a fantastic hotel to work with who would prepare and lay on anything we needed. Initially  looking at shooting this in the restaurant with the boats in the background to give the right feel to the shot but with many obstacles in the way we realised we needed to be on a much more elevated position to get the right backdrop.

We booked out one of the hotel rooms on the 3rd floor and had a restaurant table setup in the window opening and dressed accordingly.  The set was to be very simple and clean to allow for necessary cropping and copy which was be overlaid for the promotion.

I used just two Profoto lights for the shots and a profoto B2 power pack, one light as a fill with a small softbox and the main light with a 5 degree grid to give me the Harsh lighting I was after. I used mirrors to fill harsh shadows on the mussels and silver card to lift them slightly, I also shot a second image with a mask behind the wine bottle and overlayed it in post production.

Please take a look at the finished shots and then the behind the scenes shot below that.

Thanks for reading.

Blog | 2011 | New Zealand Wine Brand
Blog | 2011 | New Zealand Wine Brand

Set up

©Frasershot Ltd 2011
©Frasershot Ltd 2011

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