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©Frasershot Studios Limited

Our last shoot of 2013 was to shoot a range of new garments for our clients underwear brand.  A very complex shoot for which we used Profoto's beauty dish with soft diffuser as our main light source and various fills to soften the harsh shadows. We had a fantastic model for the shoot who had experience in this field which is always a must when you have around 15 sets to shoot in a day.  We also had a very talented make-up artist who did an amazing job on the model and provided hair styling as well.

All the shots were taken on the Hasselblad H3D31 with a range of lenses but for this particular shot we used the 120mm which works a treat.  The files are straight from camera with no retouching however I am sure when they go to print they will have been manipulated to another level.

We always try and capture behind the scenes images  so you can see how we achieved the finished shot.

More posts to come in early 2014.

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