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Frasershot Studios Food Photography for TGI Friday's

©Frasershot Studios 2013 Ltd
©Frasershot Studios 2013 Ltd

Being freezing cold and winter thought we would go for chilly ice cream post!

At Frasershot Studios we work with many food organizations and brands and we were recently commissioned to shoot a range of products for American Brand TGI Friday's. A huge honor and a brand we have been looking to work with for a while now.

As most of you food photographers will know that working with Ice cream is an absolute nightmare and requires a great deal of patience, or in our case an amazing food stylist, welcome the talented kate Wesson, of whom we work with regularly.  I wont give away all her secrets but it really was key to the success of this particular shoot and one which was really enjoyable and with the development chef trying out all his new burgers on us required a heavy gym session to get back in to shape.

See a glimpse of the shots above.

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