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Portrait Photography with Adam Byatt of Trinity, Clapham

©Frasershot Photography Ltd 2012
©Frasershot Photography Ltd 2012

Frasershot Studios have just completed a commission of portrait photography working with well renowned Chef Adam Byatt of Trinity Restaurant in Clapham.  The brief was to capture portraits of Adam with some knives which were being endorsed by one of our clients.  The shot was to be completed in the restaurant itself which was during a live service so it was a tricky brief, especially as I wanted to light Adam using 3 lights to get the effect we were after for the success of the image.

Kit wise we were already packed for a full food shoot the next day so had everything available.  We lit the shot using Profoto Lighting running all the power through the D4 power pack with 3 pro heads. 2 bare reflectors and 1 small soft box to shadow fill from the front.  The lighting was to be dramatic and add a sense of grittiness to the image.

the knives without being in a studio environment were going to be tricky so I already had in mind that I would position the knives how I wanted them in the shot and then shoot them in the studio separately and overlay the original with newly exposed product so I could mask them accordingly.

It is always good to have a contingency when it comes to reflective surfaces as they are difficult enough in a studio let alone on location where you can not control all the light sources.

The image is shot on the Canon 1ds Mk 3 on the 24-70mm using pocket wizard's to trigger the flash. We set up in the corner of the restaurant where it was quiet and managed to wrap up the job in an hour without causing to much disruption to the diners.

There is always a few hiccups on a shoot and on this one, the chef had an operation on his hand 1 week prior to the shoot (which we were not aware of) and considering he was to be holding knives we had to be clever and retouch his hand in the shot to hide the giant bandage.

all in all a cool shoot.

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