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Frasershot Studios - Ad shot for Crocket and Jones behind the scenes

Filming and photography at Frasershot Studio's in Northampton for Crockett & Jones Shoes Northampton. Craig Fraser photographs the four styles from the Crockett & Jones shoe range which were personally selected by Daniel Craig to be used in the new Skyfall movie. James Fox from Crockett & Jones explains in more detail how excited and honoured the company and it's employees are to get such an endorsement in a globally renowned iconic movie. The photography can be seen on the

A Fantastic week for local shoe company and client to Frasershot Studios when valued customer Daniel Craig selected 4 pairs of shoes to wear in the new James Bond film SkyFall.

We were asked to produce an image showing 3 or 4 of the selected products in a simple, classy and effective why which reflects the brand and it's heritage for the advertising purposes. It is always a very difficult shoot to capture the lines and definition you get from a classic shoe when you have multiple shoes on different angles within a shot. Our client is particularly fond of a certain light which enhances and shows the shape of the beautiful hand made products across the side and toe of the shoe.

We planned on shooting some behind the scenes footage of this particular shoot as we are looking at blogging more and more photography setups. For this particular shoot you will see we have shot on the Canon 1dsMk3 using Profoto lighting running from the D4 power pack, the main part of this image is captured using the 1x6 Profoto soft box in order to get the long running light down the surface of the shoe. We then used 2 more lights to give catchlights on both the heel and toe of the shoes.

Enjoy what hopes to be part of a series which will be coming up more frequently from Frasershot Studios

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