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Frasershot Photography producing Advertising Imagery for Travis Perkins PLC

The brief for this shoot was to keep everything as natural as possible and not over-lighting and staging the shots as perhaps we would normally for this type of work. We are often asked to scout out the weather for shoots and although this is pretty impossible especially in this country we tried to plan for a clear day as the majority of work was to be outside and would rely on some good deep blue skies and directional light to keep the shots as natural as possible. We preplanned a few days consecutively in a week where there was forecast clear skies in order to get the daylight as close to what we wanted as possible.

All the shots were shot on the Canon 50mm 1.2 to add a bit more atmosphere into the images and give them a nice feel which would mean the images would work well as a set of shots as well, Its always good to have a factor which remains coherent throughout a body of work.

Post production was applied to the imagery for the brochure and advertising using various presets Lightroom, below is one of the files which is being used nationwide at the moment but without any after effects applied.

©Frasershot Studios 2012
©Frasershot Studios 2012

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