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Food Photography working with Shaun Rankin

Finally we have finished the behind the scenes video from our fantastic shoot which took us over to the Island of Jersey to work with one of the countries most exciting chef talents in Shaun Rankin.

We were to work in his restaurant Bohemia as part of our conjunction with CCS to capture the essence of what Shaun is producing from this beautiful Island. Having worked abroad previously in America and Europe I was only too aware of the complications with sending kit abroad and expected the worst as I had looked into hiring from the Island but as you can imagine there is not a huge amount of kit out there.

Amazingly all was smooth easy and we just filled our suitcases with all our kit with some serious bubble wrap, 8 in total and paid for extra baggage. No questions asked, No security issues and all the luggage was there on arrival! winner.

We arrived at the restaurant the day before the shoot to meet with Shaun and go through what we were planning to shoot and to see what Shaun felt would work best on certain crockery etc etc. For me the recce was more about looking for potential shoot locations around the area and trying to access where I could gain some shelter from the sun for the daylight element and also a place to use as a studio for the more advanced lighting setups.

The recce day was boiling hot with not a cloud in the sky and the forecast was the same for the shoot day which was brilliant so I could see exactly where the sun would be at certain times of the day and we scheduled the order of shooting around this information.

I had already decided that for this particular shoot I would work on the Canon 1ds Mk3, I know the camera inside out and have great selection of lenses for various styles I was going to adopt for this occasion. The canon camera also meant that I could be more productive in my shoot as I wanted to be able to move around and have more freedom with the shoot and produce more perspectives and angles. I often find my workflow is much slower with the medium format and would not be as effective in this scenario. I also wanted to shoot tethered directly into Lightroom which is a tethered system I find much safer/consistent than any other with regards to cable failure and camera crashes etc.

Lighting as you will see from the video is a mix of mainly daylight with reflectors and also some strobe work using the Profoto Pro7a and 2 pro heads with various light shaping tools and reflectors

The behind the scenes footage is all shot on the canon 5d mk2 mainly handheld and some on a slider. We will be showing some more blog posts on this feature shoot in the next month or so which will be discussing individual shots used for the magazine publication.

We are also already planning our next food shoot which is very hush hush but very exciting! See an image from the shoot below which was used in the magazine.

©Frasershot Ltd 2012
©Frasershot Ltd 2012