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Frasershot Commissioned to Shoot New Poster Campaign

I love it when we get a commission with a difference, and when a client I work with, asked if I would be interested in shooting a poster for the UK Chef team which will be representing us in this ever growing tournament to be held in Lyon 2011, I jumped at the chance. I had a meeting with the chefs involved and had all agreed it needed to have a very strong reference to the UK. I used an illustrator friend of mine, Phil Garner who has helped develop characters like "Rory the Racing Car" to draw up the image I had in my head. From this I started to shoot all the components of the image which was to be a large comp, the background, wet tarmac, and then the correct perpectives for the Chefs, as a photographer it is hard to envisage a shot which is made up of several components but through working closely with a fantastic retoucher in Nic Greene the process was made to be an enjoyable one. I shot the chefs using the hasselblad H3D 31 shooting tethered into Phocus software and used the overlay facility to ensure the angle and perspective of the chefs would work in the background correctly, I ended up shooting them at 28mm which was a lot wider than I had originally planned but viewing in the overlay facilty I could see instantly that it worked. Please take a look at the finished poster below.

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