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Food Photography at Clients Fine Dining Event

Frasershot were recently commissioned for the food photography during a fine dining event. The food photography was to take place during the prep time prior to the event starting, meaning a fast set up of kit was needed as well as working to the timings of each chef and their dishes as and when bought out of the kitchen. 

The dishes were shot on a white back drop drawing all focus to the quality and intricacy of the food, and highlighting further the bold colours from the mix of ingredients.

Shot on the Canon 1dx using the 24-70mm lens which was great when switching between front angle shots and shots from directly above each dish.

During the event the chefs were plating all of the five dishes earlier photographed to a much larger scale in a live action theatre style.  All this was setup on an 18ft table giving all guests the opportunity to watch from their seats.

We then had to change setup using just the camera mounted flash gun and switching between the 24-70mm lens and 72-200m to capture the event from the food dishes being assembled to the guests being served, whilst not getting in the way.


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