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Food Photography with Michael Wignall at The Latymer, Surrey - 2 Michelin Stars

©Craig Fraser 2013
©Craig Fraser 2013
©Craig Fraser 2013
©Craig Fraser 2013

For those of you that follow our blog you would of noticed we get to work with some of the countries leading chefs, having heard many amazing reviews of Michael Wignall's work I was naturally a little excited to be told we were going to be working together on this commission!

On this particular shoot we were working in conjunction with the team at who bring us all together in this gathering of photography/crockery and chef talent.

Initially we set up in the restaurant prior to service to use some daylight in conjunction with some flash to give the shots a bit more punch. The setting was beautiful and the restaurant deco gave us some lovely little hints of color behind the food shots to frame the images nicely and put them into context.

All the images were shot on the Hasselblad H3 D31 using Profoto lighting and some silver card to fill some shadows - generally quite natural shots using a shallow depth of field.

The food itself was truly sensational to both eat and to photograph - this restaurant is an absolute must for a dining experience to remember!

A couple of shots of taster shots of the food above from the morning session and a portrait of the man himself Michael Wignall below.

Keep a look out for our next blog which sees us working with a Michelin starred restaurant in Cambridge.......

©Craig Fraser 2013
©Craig Fraser 2013

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