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Food Photography with Frasershot Studios

We have been working hard this year on developing the food photography side of our business.  We were commissioned by our clients to shoot with a fantastic chef in Birmingham called Aktar Islam who is Chef Director at Lasan Restaurant Group.  An amazing restaurant and one which shot to fame after being promoted on The F Word with Gordon Ramsey. We were given a large dining area within the restaurant to set up our studio and shoot as much as we could within the given time frame.  We shot on the Hasselblad and used various Profoto lighting set ups to get the required images which were to be used for a catalogue and potentially a front cover if we got a strong enough image - no pressure then!!

Shooting food photography within a restaurant environment is always a challenge but one which we are being asked to do more and more - we having the capacity and equipment to do this with minimum disruption to the restaurant and its guests.

We have placed an image from behind the scenes of Craig Fraser discussing the dishes with Aktar Islam and one of the finished items in print and on the front cover!!!  love it when a plan comes together!

If you would like to book Frasershot Studios for any up and coming projects please get in touch and also take a look at our Food Photographer portfolio here.



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