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Food Photography in conjunction with Coca-Cola

Last month the team at Frasershot Photography were asked to produce a set of imagery of sustainable fish dishes for one of our large food clients.  A team of chefs devised some gorgeous fish dishes for use in a new campaign ready for POS. We went for a really simple set-up shot on site using a a basic wooden surface and an older piece of wood as a backdrop and then some very symetrical setups using the main dish as a very central focus point and adding side plates in the background for balance and interest as we were shooting on a very shallow depth of field. We shot a set of 12 images and this was the 1st of the bunch and a favourite both visually and for taste! Many of the basic props included in the commission we found at a fantastic antiques/bric-a-brac place in Horncastle.

Blog | 2012 | Food Photography | Coca Cola
Blog | 2012 | Food Photography | Coca Cola

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