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Food Photography - Cookery Book for Bakery Client

Fantastic start to the year welcoming a brand new client from the food sector into our studios for food photography shooting lovely cakes.  The cookery book was being designed by Brave Creative a local design agency who do some amazing work in both design and web.  As most shoots, this was very last minute and we managed get a  fantastic food stylist in Kate Wesson and all the props sourced within 48hours.  We also managed to source a beautiful location for the second half of the shoot for a vintage kitchen. We shot the main food shots using daylight with a small amount of strobe but only on a couple of the shots. we used white and blackboards to add and fill the shadows.  Quite a simple set up in the studio using some lovely textured surfaces sourced by the stylist.  We shot all the images on the Canon 1dsmk3 using 50mm 1.2 using some wide apertures to add some subtle natural tones to the images by washing the background out of focus dramatically.

Unfortunately using the daylight this time of year we had a window of light from around 9am to 3pm!

See a couple of the shots below which were used for the publication.

©Frasershot Studios 2013
©Frasershot Studios 2013
©Frasershot Studios 2013
©Frasershot Studios 2013

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