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Fashion Shoot for Leading Footwear Brand

Blog | 2011 | Shoot For Leading Footwear Brand
Blog | 2011 | Shoot For Leading Footwear Brand

We have recently completed a commission which involved 2 pro models all shot in our studios.  Thought Id share a couple of shots with you.  All shot using the Hasselblad H3d31 with the 80mm lens and 3 lights.  We used a large colorama to get roughly the right colour and then tweaked it in post production.  The models were perfect for the shoot which included Julie Lowery whom I have worked with before and is awesome to work with (makes my life easy). Alot of images required us leaving vast amounts of space around the image for copy and advertising information.

This is sometimes annoying when you want to get in close to a model and use the camera and lenses to their best but unfortunately this is reality and Im sure many photographers get the same?

All files were shot using tethered into Phocus to check sharpness and lighting etc.

Also for this shoot we used the large parabolic light source and the beauty dish from a high angle looking down on the models at a pre planned spot during them walking of camera.  The file above is the raw file with no post production, you can even see the mark on the floor under the models foot where we took the shot and triggered the lighting

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