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Creative Flying Paper Shot at Frasershot Studios

Frasershot were recently commissioned to produce a bespoke image showing paper flying out of a box, a great little project which required the patience of a saint! We started off by setting the relevant colorama background which was a Storm Grey.  We assembled a boom across the set which we then suspended sheets of paper into position using a very fine fishing wire and after  a long time we had the pieces just about right. We then used a thicker stock card to have the curling sheets coming out of the box without falling flat.

Lighting consisted a three light setup using profoto D4 and Profoto refelectors and softbox and white card reflectors, also a piece of silver paper to throw more light into the paper sheets. And that was about it. Great fun and no layers involved in photoshop (for now)

The image will go through some more retouching and maybe some more creative work added later, but this is it as it leaves our gaff! be great to have some feedback..

©Craig Fraser 2011
©Craig Fraser 2011

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