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Afternoon Tea Anyone - Food Photography with Frasershot Studios

A pleasure to share with you some recent food photography imagery which we produced for our crockery client showcasing some fantastic products being bought to market in the UK.  Working exclusively at The Gilpin, in the Lake District which is a beautiful setting with fantastic character and an abundance of stylish backdrops for this particular shoot. As per usual we were doing the shoot in a live environment so had to work around the guests with as little disturbance as possible which is always a challenge,  however one which we are used to, and managed to get through the day with no issues.

Working closely with Chef/Client and Hotel Staff we carefully planned where we would shoot each particular piece and the food that would be produced and how it would be presented on each item.  This helped to plan to be in the quieter areas in the busy periods of the day.

We shot the majority of the imagery on the Canon 1dx and some of the files destined for large format graphics were taken on the Hasselblad to ensure maximum resolution.  We used a mix of the available light and some strobe dependant on the lighting in the particular rooms.  On the Canon imagery we used the 50mm 1.2 to allow us maximum freedom in low light and filled in with various reflectors to get a good balance of shadow and highlights.

Please take a look at a couple of the final shots below.

If you have an enquiry for food photography for your Brand/Restaurant or Hotel please get in touch here or take a look at our Food Photography folio here.

©Craig Fraser 2014
©Craig Fraser 2014

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