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3 Day food shoot - London

We are now into day 2 of the shoot, day one is always slow, getting everything set up and all the lighting in the correct positions etc.  Managed to get through 10 shots yesterday which was amazing production as usually we tend to get through much less.  Sometimes food photography can just work and sometimes not!! hopefully today all will go smoothly as did yesterday. Todays shoot requires 3 set changes and again another 2 for tomorrow.  Already this morning we have been through all the dishes for today and established the colours within each and noted the accent colours we will use in the backgrounds and fresh produce for propping.  As most briefs we need to give enough space around the dish as possible for the creatives to then be able to crop the image accordingly.  Once I am happy with the styling of a dish and lighting etc, I will always handhold a few shots to give different angles and heights within certain perimeters to avoid having to move all the lighting around and to give some alternative images to the creative department.

We are using some old reclaimed doors to shoot variety of textures to match the brief which is always given in a mood board prior to the shoot so we know exactly the look and feel of the images.  The doors give us a good base to work from but also give us some lovely texture around the base of the plate where the sharpest focus will be to really lift the dishes and put them in context.

Starting with some greek food and will be propping with olives and sun dried tomotoes, aubergines and some other subtle colours with napkins etc, will post some finished shots early next week.

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