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Technical Info

Interior work needs specialist equipment and techniques to get the desired effect.  Often using anywhere between 4 and 10 lights depending on the size of the interiors.  We work mainly in London but can cover nation-wide and overseas projects, with experience working in the US and other European destinations. We take on kit hire, logistics and manage the whole project for commercial photography.  We work with stylists for larger scale projects and can source them for you on request.  Many of the architectural work is pre planned depending how a building looks at different times of the day.


Mainly shot on the hasselblad H3D31 with the HTS tilt and shift device to enable true verticals and horizontal building planes. Often shot with a wide lens mainly the 28 mm depending on point of view being photographed from. The interiors I use the Profoto heads with Magnum reflectors and often up to 6 or 7 lights.


"Craig has provided Swift Horsman Ltd with a consistently faultless service for a very good price. Swift Horsman are specialists in providing unique high quality fitout solutions for a range of demanding clients. Our work is secured through both service and perception, with only minimal guidance Craig has imaginatively interpreted and photographed our project works thus raising our client perception and promoting our product quality with his own special brand of technically demanding construction photography."
Matthew Roberts, Business Development Director at Swift Horsman Group