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A very forward thinking company with regards to marketing. The client knew exactly the style of imagery they needed and wanted a commercial photography company to fulfil the whole project with experience and portfolios of a wide range of skills and styles. We took on the whole project of completing imagery for multiple brochures. This was a project which involved lots of travelling and logistical organisation in order to capture the many different locations at both the right times and with the minimum of disturbance to the running of these busy hotels.


We used 5 profoto heads all with large softboxes, mainly shot on ther Hasselblad H3D31 for maximum quality and feel but also on the Canon 1ds mk111 for the more on the fly documentary style which was required. Most of the locations were remote and needed the use of battery operated lighting for which we used the profoto B2 systems.


"We wanted photography that would capture the style and quality of the hotels. When you’re at the hotel you see 3 dimensional, with all the sounds and lovely smells of log fires and great food,  and it was essential for us to capture as much of this as we could in the 2d images. Jo and Craig at Frasershot always come up trumps for us – happy to contribute and work long days with us, and produce great images at the end of it all."

Jane Waterworth, Marketing Director of Shire Hotels and Spa