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Technical Info

The main poster campaign involved model sourcing for the campaign, stylists and hair and makeup. All of which we managed. The  commercial photography was pre agreed to follow a very tight creative brief in order to portray the right feel for this campaign. Shot in low lit scenarios using a couple of fill lights and really wide apertures to get a really strong movement feel to the shots.  The Ronnie portraits were taken within a really tight time scale. We literally had 20 minutes to shoot what we needed. Using a white colorama backdrop for some core shots to be used by the creative team and then used a dark corner of the snooker room to create the atmospheric moody style for the main shots.

The majority of the web content is shot by Frasershot including all the lifestyle imagery and portraiture of Ronnie O'Sullivan and Phil "The Power" Taylor.


Mostly shot on the Canon 1ds MK111 using a 1.2 50 mm lens for the low light scenarios. Used profoto B2 power pack and on camera flash. The portraits were shot using the hasselblad on the 80mm lens.

See the live website here