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Technical Info

We work closely with the design team to work directly from visuals and mood-boards to create the correct feel for the images to work within the brand guidelines for Product Photography.  We create an atmospheric office environment within our studio to place the main product line in situ.  We used our very own "Jo Cameron" for a lot of the modelling as you will see from the visuals.  The images needed to be lit in a certain way to truly reflect the actual product in reality but at the same time create an effective, minimalist and trendy atmosphere within the range.


All the lifestyle imagery is shot on the hasselblad and grey carded and then closely colour corrected using Phocus software to ensure a perfect match.  All shot using Profoto lighting and Softboxes to give a very even lighting scenario.  Images are all proofed online to ensure we are working within the guidelines of the creative design team for product photography.