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Technical Info

We took on the commission of providing all the media resource and product photography for a brand new website which had been initiated.  We were to produce a stock of imagery front the famous shoe makers factory, showing all the different skills and methods involved in creating a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes. We would also be shooting all the lifestyle product work in promoting specific ranges of footwear with in the brand.  Frasershot were also to cover the various retail outlets to be represented on the website with new and fresh imagery.

We have also produced the video work which is online showing the making of a Crockett & Jones shoe and also a video showing how to care for the footwear to maintain its beauty.


The majority of the lifestyle imagery is shot on the Canon 1dsmk3 with Mainly the 50mm 1.2 and grey carded and colour corrected using Lightroom software to ensure a perfect match to any products.  All shot using Profoto lighting and Softboxes to give a very even lighting scenario. The main product work has been produced in a studio environment with Hasselblad H3d31 using Phocus software to control colour and replication.

The video work was all shot on the Canon 5d and the Sony EX3.

See the live site here