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Technical Info

All the imagery for this shoot was inline with a new brochure design and all work was to fit into this particular style. The images were to reflect the business in a way which they have become well known for.  We were to shoot corporate portraiture along with lifestyle imagery of personnel within their daily rolls. We also provided food photography for use throughout the business which was to be used for large format printing. All imagery was shot on site using mobile studio and link to Macbook Pro.


The whole studio comes with us on this project, background supports to create a cove and also the D4 power pack with 4 proheads and the 6x4 and the 3x3 sotboxes and two reflectors with a 5 and 10 degree grid to create spectacular highlights across the dishes. Worked with an Assistant and  also had to use several days retouching to ensure imagery would work as a set and also into the new brochure designs and layouts.

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